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A complete suite of presentation and e-learning based Information Law Training Solutions from general staff training, specialised training for individual teams through to advanced workshops and mock Information Commissioner investigations.

Training is the first and most important positive step that an organisation can take towards compliance with the law.  Evidence of Data Protection and information rights training is something that the Information Commissioner looks out for during its investigations and if staff have not been trained recently, the Information Commissioner will look upon this negatively.


At Information Law Solutions, we recognise that training needs to be bespoke to the requirements of your organisation.  We are flexible and our training can be provided on a one-off basis or as part of a wider ongoing training programme.  Training can be integrated into your staff induction process.  We work with you to devise a training programme that works for your organisation.  We can train your staff or can “train your trainer” to train others.  We deliver training in a way that works for your organisation.


Training is delivered by our expert consultants, with unrivalled passion, engagement and enthusiasm, who know how to make training relevant, fun and accessible!


Our Information Law Training Solutions consist of:

  • On-site training of any duration in lecture and workshop formats for all grades of staff.  Organisation-wide training can be delivered over the course of a morning, a day or a week, depending on the size of your organisation.  You provide the venue and the food, we deliver the knowledge!

  • For everyone in your organisation from the office junior to the CEO, with training provided to a level that is appropriate to their skills and responsibilities.  Specialised training can be provided for HR, Marketing, IT, Finance, Facilities and Executive teams, to make it more meaningful and relevant to their roles within your organisation

  • From basic “all staff” awareness training, training for Information Officers to advanced workshops, comprising mock Information Commissioner investigation interviews and audits

  • Quarterly update sessions on the latest developments with practical tips

  • E-learning packages which staff can complete at their desks at their convenience using the comfort of familiar devices.  The e-learning session can be followed by an online quiz to allow assessment of staff learning and development

  • Case study and quiz formats are used to encourage learning and promotion of best practice

  • Webinar and DVD-based training available

  • Certificates of successful completion and achievement

Our upcoming training courses and webinars

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